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Sunday, June 19, 2011

what is this ? . . .

what is this

what is this urging
what is this gnawing of my heart
that makes me yearn for that something
that sings at times
cries at times

between the rhymes
and the words of anguish
what is this language
of discordant symphonies
playing with my hopes
and my wants
what is this that haunts me
day in day out

what is this feeling
that at times has me standing
and demanding
other times reeling
for understanding
of the path i should travel

am i alone
as i attempt to unravel
the mystery of my life
will history aid me
save me
deliver me
to where i need to be

i hear voices
some within
some without
speaking of choices
sowing seeds of fear
and doubt
stealing my light
only to supplant it
with that of their own

and in the gardens of my desires
my seeds have been sown
have they not ?

they have been tried
in the trials of  fire
and what it is that is required of me
i can not always see
but i do know that this insanity
i have allowed
provides no sanctity
but does give me a lesson
i think

so this day i am confessing
that Father i need thee
and i embrace wholly
the Holy
and i hear the whisperings
and i know it is you
for paths do not speak
nor do visions
nor do Trees
nor Children
nor Friends
and i make this amend
that you are my friend
and it is You who speaks
through these things

and the wings of my thought
are gathered
upon the precipice
of new beginnings
should i leap
let go
will the flow
of the currents of air
be fair to me
and lift me
to where i need to be
tell me
whisper to me again

what is this
what is this
what is this

19 June 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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