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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the coming storm

the coming storm

the winds are increasing
disturbing my peace and
i can taste the approach
of the coming storm

the air is moistening
and Mother’s voice
speaks just above
the sound of the Sunshine

i look over the horizon
and there evidences
a turbulence rising
coming to greet
the consciousness of man

this is an ominous presence
and i witness the essence
of where i stand
as all begins to move
the shift
changing the stance
we were once so assured of

yes change approaches
and it has an agenda
for we have waited too long
while embracing the song
of our lethargic dreams
and it seems
that Mother
being who and what She is
has taken the reins
as the Rains of the coming Storm
are swept into our Now

there will be no more breezes
that eases us in to remembering
for our limber fortitudes
serves nothing
and the music has been cued
and the discordant symphony
begins to play

will there be thunder and lightening
i am sure of it
for we quit the quest
to manifest the charge we were given
and we took to living
giving credence to
the surreal jaded delusions
of the darkness
and convolutions
where truth can only be felt and never seen

do not complain
nor whine
we had opportunity
but we did not trust
our instincts
with divine impunity
as they wrenched upon themselves
in the pit of our gut
so what you say

and so with direct succinctness
we will be directed
none the less
for the test site has been closed
and we can not longer suppose
we will get another free pass

for all that we have ever imposed
upon our Brothers
and our Sisters
will be the meal we must eat
and we will be seated permanently
at the table of our Karma
so don’t be alarmed Ma
at the repulsiveness
of the plate that is set before you
for in the core of you
you always knew
this truth

the Storm is coming

7 June 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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