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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

somehow . . .


it was a cool summer night in the valley
the ancients hung in the night sky
illuminating the way of the unknown
and forgotten

there were many paths for one to ponder
and i stood and just absorbed the possibilities
hoping to introduce them to my realm of truth
the place where vision manifest
and actualize

the luminescence of old souls still twinkled
and i felt their resonance of wisdom
as they spoke words of silence
to my quiet place
and i, the star of this consciousness
i call mine
melted away into the greater
that vast place of perceived nothingness

the mountains exhibited a quiet awe
for their presence was still made known
peeking through the slips of the night light
that of the faint moon and distant stars
i felt their grandeur even still
and i came to know that i am as they are
the Mountain, the Moon, the Night Sky and the Stars

a particular humility embraced me
and told me that i was it’s own
this i have always known
but somehow forgotten

and as i stand in the moment
of becoming reverence
i come to the Epiphanic understanding
that i am God
in this moment
frozen upon the tracks of time’s illusions
for it is His voice that speaks in me
marveling at our own handiwork
a place where wonders abound

i am the Star
can not you see the twinkles
in the portal of my soul
i am the Moon
can not you feel my inviting
and embracing luminescence
i am the Mountain
i too stand strong
and will not be moved
i am the Night Sky
filled with Awe and Mystery
yes . . . “I AM”
and the possibilities
dwarf even the Horizons of the Exponential
and all i must do . . .
is be . . .
somehow !

© 28 June 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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