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Sunday, June 12, 2011

by self . . .

being Children of Source . . .  that which has no perceivable Limits . . . how is it that we have come to believe that we possess such nonsensical characteristics ?
"BE" - believe  !!!!!

by self

i set boundaries
as a modicum of my behavior
that i may be accepted
by my perceivable peers

why i choose to labor so
against my self

who amongst us
possess the answers

we struggle to fit in
be liked
gather friends
to validate
that we are not alone

and in the crowd of many
we still are but “one”

this paradox of our existence
defies consistence
with the reasoning
that resides within

that betwixt our Dream Self
and the false realities we create
that we may experience
some ethereal elation
that we soon abandon
as not real

for we can only seduce our self
that we feel
but for a limited projection
in the illusion of time

and the sublime aspects
of actualization
and authenticity
still dances about us
enticing us to enjoin
with our knowing
that we are so much more

and we struggle to open that door
of our eternal memories
that evade our grasp

and the hinges of the hasp
that have locked away
this embrace to our being
have long ago rusted
and frozen
as we have chosen

for what lies in that closet
of self
was not trusted
and we have since
went on
and skipped along
in our hallucinations
listening to the song
of our supposed symphonic delusions

so create alternative paradigms
of happiness
in hopes
that the winds will prevail
and maintain our billowing sails
to perhaps one day
actualize our desires

and to no avail
we still yet struggle
to awaken
to the soul of who we truly are

while setting boundaries
as a modicum of our behavior
that we may be accepted
by others
by self

© 11 June 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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