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Sunday, June 12, 2011

what happened ?

what happened ?

their hearts were gleefully laughing
and they were playing
in the land of make believe
their joys knew no boundaries

and Grandma sat on the porch
in the shade
eyes twinkling
with a certain recognition
for she remembered

though the subject
may have been a bit different
the way they played
still it was all the same
the games of children’s imaginations
in their innocent celebration
of life

they did not know what liberation was
they never could quite grasp the context
of such convexing things

even Grandma wondered
all to often
why she too did soften
and go along
with that jaded adult song
chasing the elusive rings
of golden promises
that only in the end
seemed to bind her
to hauntings
and her created anxieties

oh there were plenty of smiles
but they were usually due
to moments of some divine light
that periodically slipped
between obligation
and responsibility
and other such adult behaviors

all her life
all she wanted to do
was savor the moments
and learn how to
transmute them to her natural state of being
she wanted to
embrace that light of joy
and let it become eternal
we all vie for such
do we not ?

and here she was
her long forgotten self
dancing in the Sunshine
and slowly
a smile creased
her wrinkled wise face

and with somber reverence
quietly she spoke to her soul
“that life was once mine”
thank you
what happened ?

© 10 June 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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