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Friday, June 17, 2011

One . . .


from the nothingness of darkness
came forth “I”

back before the making of the Firmament
and the “Letting” of Light
there was “I”

before the Heavens and Earth
and the Garden of Mirth
there was “I”

and the Spirit
Adam can you Hear It
walking in the Garden
why dost thou hide

“I” sent my Self across the Waters
that the Sons and Daughters
would drink of me
my “I”
and my Eye can see you Adam
to hide is but a delusion
of your own making
and thou are but forsaking

i am here where i made thee
did not i breathe into thee?
are not thou endowed with my Breath ?
Each day
you confirm what “I” say
as you drink of the life
in thy lugs
which i have given thee
can’t you see
my beloved Adam

in the Garden of your consciousness
i have given unto thee
Four Rivers
that you may choose
how you flow
how you go

and know this
all paths of truth
lead back home
to the kiss of my bliss
for thou are mine
in kind
as i have defined
thee to be

so open thy Eye
let it be singular
and as far as you can see
it is “I” who is with thee
within thee
without thee
for i am He
for thou can not confine Me
in things
for all things sings of Me

and where ever you see Darkness
know that
from the nothingness of darkness
came forth “I”
for “I AM” as Thou Art


© 17 June 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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