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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

and this is my confession

and this is my confession

some times in our lives
there arises a need
from deep within
that cries for expression
and this is my confession
of my truth

many times in my past
and even in my now
the voices of self
come forth pleading
pleading for reconciliation
and understanding

at times
it is a soul felt demanding
for an inner justice

all too often
it is the things of the world
that herald these vexations
and sensations
for justifications
of why
and it is i
who have allowed them to be

many times
i too cry
sometimes it is tears
sometimes not
but always pain
that i have learned to transmute
to my deluded joys
in my askewedness

many, no most times
the source of this malcontent
was spawned and sent to me
via relationship
on the ship of my emotions
upon the vast ocean
of all the nuances
of what i thought my self to be
and i did not always see
the tsunami being formed
by that little quake
across the way
that has awakened me once again
as i acknowledge my best friend

so i face him
embrace him
and i can taste him
and his truths
that has resided in the youth
of my expectations
that one day he will come back
to what he used to be

to again be
loving and kind
of one mind
about his life
and the rife of possibility
as it still treads my convictions
and derelictions
for it still yet exists

for he and i have made it so
said it is so
so in our collectiveness
we know
that we are the power
of each moment
within each minute
of each hour
of every day

for the path
that lies before us to complete
is the way we should go
and as the River of our spirit
we too shall meander
in our philandering minds
one day learn
to be kind to self

for within the Holy seat
the throne of Heart
we can impart
naught but the best
of who we are

and the road of circumspection
is but another million miles or so
not very far for one who is exponential
and confidentially
we substantiate that which we need
never to expose our treasure
to the world

for the pleasure
and enjoyment of such
is oft’ times a selfish sin
yet within the storehouse
of our heavens
we find little dark corners
and like Little Jack Horner
we wish to keep the Pie to our selves
and the Plumb on our Thumb
will not assist us in becoming aplomb
and move away from our numbness
until we confess our truths
that we are

yes we are more than we would wish to know
or be responsible for

and this

this is my confession

8 June 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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