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Sunday, October 28, 2012



the Armies of Lust
to affront and established a front
upon the landscape of man

they have occupied our “Fields of Dreams”
and the seed we sow now
are no longer of the infinite
and are Monsanto like
in their expressions

the crops are a temporal one
and we voluntarily feed
our own illusions of death

we are no longer nourished at our Soul level
for our proclivities extends
not beyond this day
and the cessations we desire
found in our “Creature Comforts”

this war has been waged upon us
since the Dawning of time
there are no impartial Peace Treaties
Every one can not be a winner
contrary to the perspective of Negotiation

how can that which believes it is incapable
vie for perfection
when the flaw is the fulcrum
of our expectations

did you understand the ancients
when they said
we are “One”
with God even
or whatever your consciousness
chooses to embrace

what we focus on we become
a fitting and becoming adornment
of our truth
but Truth requires not our acquiescence
nor our permissions
just our submission
to the nothingness
found in the “All-ness”
of all things

we may find a temporary peace
we can cling to
but we do know
it is still a lie

Souls vying for absolution
to heal our contusions of spirit

the song is playing
hear it
if you will

for the blood of the Angels
is still being spilled
by you
by me
by and bye

and this is . .  Warfare

how will we fare ?

© 28 October 2012 : william s. peters, sr.

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