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Thursday, October 25, 2012

and that’s quite OK . . . isn’t it ?

and that’s quite OK . . . isn’t it ?

with a bushel of thoughtful contemplations
i approach the line of transition
where a new awakening awaits
to embrace my questions
i have yet to formulate

in this temple of my bare naked heart
i am that sacrificial lamb

i lay upon the altar of stone
waiting for an uncertain absolution

i have left many a footprints
in the Garden where life is spawned

i have trampled through the flower beds
laying waste
with my frolicking, carefree
unconscious behavior

there have been weeds i have uprooted
and many i have ignored
for they seemed to possess
and enchanting charm
that mesmerized my discernment
so i did not act

i have eaten some fruit
before it’s time,
some over-ripened,
and i have stuffed my belly
with delectable edibles
for which i did not toil

life seemed so good
during those calloused times

there were many days
where i sought the shadows
to evade the light of the Son
for it was too demanding of me
and i lived with it
in spite of my inward trepidations
and turmoil

i was inebriated by my own temporal delusions

and these are but a few
of my circumspections which continually haunt me
as i cry within these shallow halls
of my convictions
which are now needed
for a verifiable reconciliation

am i worthy ?
am i worthy ?

this is a question i have pondered many a time
over the duration of this “life journey”

sometimes i was quixotically blinded
by my over inflated zealousness
and my secret aspirations
filled with pompous hot air . . .

boy was i full of my self

i knew at some level
some entity greater than i
has an enviable tolerance for my felicities

and this is a gross enigmatic examination
but it will do for now,
for i do not wish to bathe
in my pity-filled tears
for it serves no satiable end
nor does it draw me closer
to that which may appear
that i am seeking
in my unchartered meanderings

but i can live with that also
i have !

at another level
i believe
all things are open for questions
and are some times warranted
such as
what is truly valid

and i ask
who shall address my queries
with a retort that is filling

this does seem to be
a never ending journey
doesn’t it

and in the mean time
perhaps that which is divine
provides an overseeing grace
for our Cosmic Puberty
which is why we feel insulated from the “Ultimates”
for we have yet to truly
let go . . .

so we tie more knots in the ropes
that binds us to systemic confusions
while we are infused
with more dichotomous dilemmas
that continually multiply
like overtly fertile Rabbits zoned out on Ecstasy

they never attended the class
BC 101
that’s Birth Control if you did not know

so we seek an emancipation
from our proclivities to copulate
and obey
that Abrahamic rooted Commandment
we are far too eager to practice

let us eat some fruit from the Tree
and multiply
and we shall spawn new dawns
in new dimensions
where these myopic curiosities
remain untethered to a
certifiable, undeniable reasonableness
that we can ingest

and the digest of it all is
that in the end of all ends
all things are cyclic
and thus this is the self contradicting painting
hung upon the walls of our holographic Souls
and at some place
in the realms of our acquiescence
we have to laugh at our selves
don’t we

and that is quite OK . . .isn’t it ?

© 25 October 2012 : william s. peters, sr.

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