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Friday, October 5, 2012

i want to read something gentle

i want to read something gentle

my pain my angst
i know too well
the world, it’s sorrows
have much to tell
i search for joys
that i may quell
the call within
whose grace has fell

the words we give
from tongue, from pen
strikes a chord
in hearts of men
may smiles return
from deep within
thy sacred garden
before first sin

we dance we sing
to soon forget
the toils of life
we children let
may we believe
let us not fret
we’ve just begun
we’re not done yet

the age approaches
new times to come
the Water Bearer
beats the drum
let he who hears
stand aplomb
the eye now opens
we see our sum

family, friends
do gather round
lay thy difference
thy weapons down
to higher creeds
yea, we are bound
let love adorn
and don our crown

my soul doth thirst
for waters sweet
the path i walk
becomes replete
with hand in hand
our souls accrete
the throne is bared
please take thy seat

with love with joy
i kiss  your face
a bliss does come
i longed to taste
not a moment
we dare to waste
our hearts divine
in one embrace

let words be spare
and light be spoke
the music plays
for we awoke
the sleep is o’er
the bough now broke
the best of life
we now evoke

i want to read something gentle

© 5 October 2012 : william s. peters, sr.

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