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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

the dowry given

the dowry given

is it a curse
that we can not see
our own light
or is it vanity
that makes us think
that we have one at all

but i do hear the call
as i am falling
into this deep abyss
which is void of reason
that man would understand

what was the plan
where is the blueprint
for this building structure
i have blindly labored to erect
only to watch
the foundation crumble

the rubble lies at my feet
waiting for a redefining
to be redeployed
as a matter
of a factual actual fractural
but logic has been loosed
and every one wears
it’s multi-colored coats

we . . . are working diligently
to establish a digestible rote
for the generations to come

we do need to quantify
the sum of what we are becoming
don’t we

and the futile lessons of old
are still tapping on the door lightly
vying for our attention
and our allegiance
that they may gather the reins
once again
that are slipping from their grasp

we the horses on the farm
are now unshod
for the same nails
that shoed us
were used in crosses
those of a persecutory crucifixion
creating martyrs
that we may learn to pray at the alter
made by man’s hands
those we were told were anointed

i rebuke the doctrine
that makes me feel dirty
for i have been washing
the cloaking clothes
you gave me
yet they still feel soiled
stained with the dried blood
my eyes have let
for the tears have long ago

Momma i tried
i tried
forgive me if you can
love me if you will
yet still
i must go my way
and seek this light
you speak of
with love that i have
the dowry given

© 2 October 2012 : william s. peters, sr.

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