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Sunday, October 28, 2012

i am you are

i am you are

i am the mountain
i am the song
i am the voice of the people

i cloak myself
with the raiment of wisdom
found in Life’s holy wardrobe
of silent observation

we dance to a rhythm
not heard
but felt
in every beating heart
of man and animal alike

i am, you are, we are
the squinting eyes of a child
that looks inquisitively each day
toward that New Day Sun

i am the quiet repose
of a yonder sunset
that lays magnificently
upon our horizon west
as it gently eases each day to sleep
that we all may rest

the birds sing of our presence
which is their melodic present
to you . .  to i
and their young

they know of me
they know of you

i am the smell of the ink
from a Poet’s pen
and our souls smile
in a knowing
as the unspoken verse
of a mysterious wonder
comes back to life

i am the orchestrated symphony
and the song
each of our dreams longs for

i am the “M” in magnificence
and you, i, we are Life’s Holy synonym
found in our “ME”
speak it
for it is an un-refutable truth

i will give unto you the words
as we resonate in impugned rune tunes
with all of creation

let us join our voices in chorus
with life
for she become us
as we become her

the chamber music is playing
in each heart
some faintly
some distinct
for i / you are the flute
the lute
the note connected
unto it’s self
reflected in you

i am you are

© 27 October 2012 : william s. peters, sr.

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