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Thursday, October 20, 2011

where did i go wrong ?


This write was spawned by a brief conversation i had this morning with Leslie "mizz fab" Ryan. We spoke of constructing a Poetic collaboration for an upcoming show pertaining "Female Empowerment". In that consciousness being visited upon, spirit brought forth this offering in a Female Voice. As opposed to me offering interpretation i allow you the reader to gather what you will. On an un-final note, i beseech us all to do what we can to eradicate the violence amongst our Brethern and Sisters, and embrace the Humanity by our thoughts, our deeds, and most importantly the sharing of the gifts we have in any way we can at every opportunity. It does come back to us . . . in kind.

where did i go wrong ?

he used to complete me
and now he beats me
where did i go wrong ?

i used to paint
i used to dance
but life has taken away my song
this day
so i play with the shadows
of memories

i remember love
yet i feel
and now she acts like
she does not know me

she walked out that door
long ago
but she left her pictures
on the mantle
within my heart
how i longed for her sweet embrace
endearing touch
just a smile even
her scent

i often lived with hope
that she would move back in
when she first departed
and since then
all hell broke out
bringing with them
my fears and my doubts
pertaining my worthiness to live

i gave all i could give
but that apparently
was not good enough
for him

yes i realize
the road was tough
for him
my beloved
and me too
but what you gonna do

and it was not my fault
he lost his job
and his means
to provide

so in lieu of
a means
to reconcile his low self esteem
he beat me
to feel masterful again
and again
and again
and again

and in my desperate calls
for salvation
and extrication
from this tortuous
path i travel
all that was ever sacred in me
began to unravel

should i blame God for this
please Lord
just one Kiss
that will take me back
to that which i miss
when love lived in my house

i have now come to this place
where facing the wakened moments
and the Sunshine
that used to be mine
is still dark

the children in the park
displaying their joys
brings me tears
and now i have fears
for them as well

who is going to tell them
about the possibilities
life has in store for them
who is going to tell them
that all that you once loved
can change
to this
an absence of the possibilities
of bliss

should i blame YOU God for this
please Lord
just one Kiss
that will take me back
to that which i miss
when love lived in my house

but for now
he beats me
when he used to
complete me

where did i go wrong ?

(c) 21 October 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.


Greetings my Friend, my Brother, my Sister,

As we all are aware, World Healing and World Peace is a dynamic that affects every single Human Being on this Planet. At Inner Child we have initiated this effort to not only celebrate Poetry, but to elevate our Global Consciousness. Our hopes and focus through this Poetry Contest is to etch into the annals of History a Contribution of Love to every Human Being presently living and Our Children yet unborn.
We hope that you will join us in spreading the News of this undertaking and invite any and all to contribute each in their own way. You do not have to be a Poet to participate, for all Communities, Organizations and Persons are welcome. We humbly ask you to assist us, assist our Community of Humanity to make a giant step forward towards Peace on Earth, Good Will to All Men, Women, Families, Mothers, Fathers, Children, Daughters, Sons, and to our Planet. Won’t you Join us in this Vision of Love.

We thank you for your Presence
The Family
World Healing, World Peace 2012


Poetsden said...

Well said from adifferent perspective.

W. S. Peters, Sr. said...

Thank you so much Teresa and Janet . . love you ladies. . .