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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect

i spread my wings
and i flap them once
and a Hurricane
is visited upon Asia

do you now what ODDD is
it is
Oculo Dento Digital Dysplasia
it is a disease
that is not appeased
by our simple understandings

this is my purpose
i come in peace
to cease the sleep
that keeps us from the wonders
of our world

i have come this day
to herald an awakening
to the journey of discovery
as i uncover thee
and show you your light

for far too long
the night has endured
and no disease may be cured
unless we are aware
and care
to gather that faction
of mobilization’
and take action
and demand

you see
there is something within me
that is tired
of complacency
how about you

and as we open our eyes
and come to realize
that we
yes we
are the progenitors
of the path we travel
that web of trickery
and deceit
begins to unravel

and we will stand naked
and face our truths
and for once
in this eclectic journey
where we have embraced
unfueled dreams
we may just taste
just how sweet
life can be

so just as that butterfly
we too can spread our wings
and watch
our musical souls dance
across the landscapes
of our dreams once again
that are fueled this time
with wonder
and discovery
that we can initiate
a hurricane
in Asia


(c) 15 October 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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