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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Announcing : World Peace...World Healing 2012 Poetry Contest

World Peace. . . World Healing
2012 Poetry Contest

Theme : World Peace. . . World Healing

Open Submission
1 Poem per Entrant
Submissions Open :     15 October 2011
Submissions Close :     31 December 2011

Intake Email : WorldPHPoetryContest2012@gmail

Top Prizes : 3

          Free Publishing Contracts
          Radio Show Featured Interviews of Winner
                   Everyday Connection : 1 Hour
                   Inner Child Radio :  2 Hours
                   Artist Lounge Radio / Web Magazine Feature
                   Web Site Features :
                                      The New Writers
                                      Inner Child Press
                                      Inner Child NING
                   Others to be Announced

Publishing includes the following :

          * Book Design
          * Manuscript Layout & Formatting
          * Cover Design : Standard
          * Print Publish : Perfect Bond
          * Color Cover / Black and White Interior
          * ISBN Number Dedicated
          * U.S. Copyright Office Registration
          * Page Feature 90 Days on Inner Child Press Web Site
          * Catalog Listing with Publisher
          * 5 Personal Complimentary Copies of Published Book
          * Amazon Listing
          * Royalty Split : Author 75 % Publishing House 25 % 
          * 2 Year Exclusive Listing Rights Contract

All other submissions will be Published in an Anthology Title the Same as Theme for National Poetry Month in April 2012

Contest Hosted by “The New Writer’s”

Underwritten by Inner Child Press
                          Inner Child Enterprises

in association with

The Artists Lounge                                    Jill Delbridge

Everyday Connection                                Rick O’Shields
                                                                   Jean Victoria Norloch

Nlistic Souldiers                                       Deon Ballard
                                                                   Leslie “mizz fab” Ryan
                                                                   Jeffery A. Sanders, Sr. aka Cali

Poetically Spoken Groups                        Poetically Spoken
Scribe Poetry                                             Mangus Khan

Adelle Conexxionx                                   Adelle Banks - Wilson and Jade

HALOS 711                                              Arthur and Sandye

KW Productions                                       Kelli and William

Jamie Bond Enterprises                            Jamie Bond

Moments in Chaos                                    Leslie 'mizzfab' Ryan

A Poetic State of Mind                             Miguel Keaton

Speak Yo Piece                                         Micheaux "UrbanVoodoo" Fortson

Keith Alan Hamilton Enterprises            Keith Alan Hamilton

Karama Sadaka Enterprises                     Karama Sadaka

Blend Of Loving Energies                       Peter Egler aka Sineh

Heaven Speak Radio                                Loving LaFaye

Olive Branch Ministries                          Karen Lowe and Michelle

Written In Pain Enterprises                     Carlos 'Written in Pain' Levazarri

Creative Impowerment                            Charlotte 'Poetryizme' Lewis

One Smart Lady Productions                   Deborah Wilson Smart 

The Watcher                                              Tyrone Mobely


Submissions Guidelines

Poetry Contest Theme is : World Healing and World Peace.

All Poems must strictly adhere to this as Subject Matter.

All Poetry Forms are Acceptable.

No Essays or Prose will be considered.

Please refrain from the following :

                   * Offensive Language
                   * Racism
                   * Bigotry
                   * Gender Casting
                   * Any other Subject that does not promote
                      World Healing and World Peace or is      
                      Offensive or Derogatory !

Submission Opens : 15 October 2010

Submissions Close : 31 December 2011

Submission Intake : WorldPHPoetryContest2012@gmail

Submit the Following :
                   JPEG Head Shot of Poet (no Avatars)
                   Bio : limit 1 paragraph of 50 words or less
                   Contact information : Email and Telephone

*   Poetry must be in Microsoft Word DOC format or RTF 

*   Poem must also be Copy and Pasted in Email Body.


*   Incomplete submissions WILL BE DISCARDED and not
     responded to !

*   Make sure your work is Edited before submitting. Your
     work will be judged on what you submit. We are not 
     going to Edit your Submissions for you!

Disclaimer :

Your Submission and participation in the Contest and effort is purely voluntary. You the Author / Writer / Poet will retain all rights to your work. Your submission will be your consent to allow The New Writers, Inner Child Press and all other Affiliates the right to use your work for Promotional Purposes only and the Inclusion in the “World Peace, World Healing Poetry Anthology”. No Writer will have any vested Rights or Ownership to the Anthology.

For any questions concerning any of this please consult your Legal Advisor or drop us a line at : WorldPHPoetryContest2012@gmail

Underwritten by

Janet "Derailed Poet" Perkins Caldwell
Rick O'Shields
William S. Peters, Sr.

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