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Sunday, October 23, 2011

on such things

on such things

tonight i sit and reflect
on such things
as meanings
and how my life
your life
our lives
seek to validate themselves
by way of what
we identify with
and believe in

and it is those very things
that separate us
and keeps us
fenced in
to our little yards
of existence
of consciousness

we formulate perspectives
or adopt them from others
and we claim them as our credos
as we go about our daily trod
exacerbating our illusory duties
rite – filled
rote – filled

a funny and odd conundrum

did we ever realize or surmise
that our eyes
are all focused
on the same thing

wanting the same things
believing the same things
wishing for the same things
living for the same things
crying for the same things
vying for the same things
lying for the same things
dying for the same things
you know
those same things
that confirm our worthiness
and esteem

and for that
fleeting moment
in our brief visit
upon this finite plane
while hanging on the fringes
of the wisping fabric of truth
where we have not yet awakened
and yet to acknowledge the forsakenness
of our divinity
we are deludedly validated

and Eternal awaits our coming
that it too
like me
like you
may be fulfilled

and all the blood and tears
we have spilled
through the years
and all our prayers
and our fears
will not bring us any closer
to embracing that horizon
which looms enticingly
in our untethered dreams

it seems to me personally
that this quandary
or mystery
will become history
when we step outside
the box
in this finite cycle of time

and as i sit and ponder
i must conclude
that the rectitude
i seek
is not found in circumspection
nor deflection
as i embrace my erection
of this phallic tower
of egocentric self righteousness
that circumvents
the acceptance
of what is

the answers elude me
as i delude the me of me
in my attempts to conclude me
with certainty
in one finality
of this self created epiphany
while embracing my impotence

so being stuck
in the quizzical land of the lost
minds tossed
embossed with doctrine
i lay down my dead
upon the dream saturated pillow
on my bed
that is cloaked
with the dry tears
of another day spent
perhaps frivolously

and the noble aspirations
i held in the beginning
of this eternal day
tires of the reflections
of self upon the faces
of us all

and i am reminded
that hopes and dreams
are not all that bad

for if that is all we have
or ever had
it is better than nothing

and that is
what i always come up with
when i sit and reflect
on such things

(c) 22 October 2011

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