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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hurt People, Hurt People

Hurt People, Hurt People

we all live disconnected
from something

yes, there is something
a memory
a time in our past
we have yet to resolve
in our now

some of us
have a few things
some of us believe
that if we close
our psychic eye
it will go away

some of us believe
in Karmic balance
and try to pay the debt
our souls have accumulated
in our circumspective good

but still within
lives the Demon
who haunts our dreams
our unconsciousness
waiting for that small moment
to slip in to our now
of proposed goodness

Hurt People, Hurt People

We are hurting inside
some a dull ache
some acute
but it is never cute
when we seek
to liberate
and extricate
our pains upon another
our sisters and our brothers

for in the Karmic balance
we have just gathered
another opportunity
for the lesson
perhaps that is why
the sins against self
gives us some relief
within the confines
of our beliefs

Hurt People, Hurt People

i pray, i pray
every day
to understand
that which is within me
that i may see
the path
that will set me free
from this Cyclic
Merry Go Round
and be grounded again
in a place
where pain
dissipates back
into the illusory ether
of nothingness
but i am hurt

Hurt People, Hurt People

and these ghosts
of suppositions
take position
once again
upon the shoulders of my reason
season in
season out
pretending they are my resolution
pretending they are my friend
again and again

Hurt People, Hurt People

and in truth
it matters not the incident
or accident
for the greater gift
is the experience
as we query
in due diligence
about that which we fear

run to Jesus young man
is that the plan
but don’t bring a Christ
your dirty Laundry
unless you want it cleaned
and even Buddha can not glean
that hull of illusion
from your being
if you are holding on to it
and all the shit
that clings
to that empty song
that no one sings

Hurt People, Hurt People

the music of the Divine
is always playing
now what am i saying here

is it our fear
that promulgates the shadows
that cloak our light
and presents to us
a journey of night
where we can not
embrace the vision
face our inner child
taste the fruits
of our desired expectations

Hurt People, Hurt People

yes, we have all sown seeds
of goodness
and Lorde knows
we needs a break
from the fake
walls of reality
that we have constructed
around us
to protect
those esteems
that we are worthy

but our Dreams
cannot scale it’s heights
neither Day nor Night
and the Widths
are exponentially with out end
yet we defend them
like all is sacred

Hurt People, Hurt People

and as we lay
in the bed of sorrows
of our yesterdays
our now
our tomorrows
perhaps there will come
from somewhere
not without
but within
that will stir our souls
into an awakening
and move us away
from forever forsaking
our regality
our sovereignty
our divinity
over our own journey

and we can now get up
off these gurneys
of death
and live as we should
as we were designed
in unrequited love
for each other
our Sisters and our Brothers

and let our pains
of being disconnected
let our Cosmic goodness
be resurrected
into our eternities
of goodness
as it should be

for if we stay in this fold
of the cold nights
embracing our frights
and fears
and doubt
the fight with your demons
will endure
that is for sure

and you and i
will never ever
see eye to eye

Hurt People, Hurt People
let the cycle of madness be ended

for it stars and ends with me
(c) 8 October 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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