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Sunday, September 9, 2012



every time we encountered
she would unsheathe her sharpened tongue
and proceed to carve a piece of my heart
for her own demented pleasures

i knew the day would come
that i would have nothing left to offer her
save my retribution
but now
i was still too soft for her
and she knew it

but i bided my time
took notes
i learned so much
during these painful exercises
of her sickened expressions
of love

i even learned to laugh
at my inability
to be strong
in her presence
and deny her advances
but as i said
she knew i was helpless

some how she had managed
to get in my head
and twist my reason
while manipulating my will

something inside me
was enjoying this torturous expression
of what i so wanted to be love

i could not win the race
my hope was waning
with every new sliver she sliced
from my innocence

she was my endearing sadist
and my masochistic proclivities
would not be quelled
she had a spell over me
and with that same tongue
she indelibly carved her name
in the inner chambers
of my heart
and it spelled

© 1 September 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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