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Sunday, September 9, 2012



It was the year 2002
. . .
you disgraced me
you played me
for awhile, though I'll admit
I had some fun.

But there was too much pain
to daily endure . . .
inflicted on me
. . . by you.

Maybe, it was not your aim
not out loud, anyway.

Mis-sung was the song
the lyrics had changed.
All harmonies were lost in
that tune that we sang.

Instead, beneath the moon-light
an eerie flute played.
Out of time, and out of rhyme
both the instrument and us.

Even still, you begged me to stay.
I could not . . .
So in time . . . I left you.
By staying with your madness
there was nothing to gain.

Too much harm and the pain
too hard to take . . .
the internal alarms began to ring
it was time to cut this string.

I saw the opportunist that you were.
I could not assist, no my love
I could no longer sing.

Your charm, I did disarm
tossing it into our lake.
Tumultuous disaster
was left in the wake.

I had to desist and bid you adieu.
Always know that the love
that I gave is yours to keep.

It was the year 2002.


yes, it was 2002
yes, i did beg you to stay
yes, there was pain
and you were not alone

i was melancholic
for the frolicking love
we once shared
had disappeared
but God did i love you

yes i did notice
how our song
was becoming
somewhat discordant
how i longed
to not hear
that eerie music
playing on that damned flute

i refuted everything
and then you
and finally i tried
i vied
to refute love
but love would not
be denied
nor defied
and i cried
for you
each day
i died
for you

how i so wanted to
see you
walk through the door
of my heart
once more
and take your seat
that has been waiting for
your return

i spurned you
back in 2002
and i have yet to move
that happy place
i yearned for,
for it was you all the time

you were my reason for life
my rhyme
the rife of my joys
and my expectation
my elation
my smile

and now,
i have been exiled
from your garden
where my ardent heart
needs to stay
needs to live
not only the days of past
but that of my now
my tomorrows
and all that i can ever be

i beg of you
to give your self
give me
give us
another chance

you see
you were the world to me
in 2002
and you are now
and i thought you
should know
how i feel right here
and how i felt
in 2002

a Janet and Bill Collaboration

© 9 September 2002 - 2012

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