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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

as we are . . . i am a butterfly

as we are . . . i am a butterfly

let us cross the way
and with a stilled reverence
approach the gate
and quietly unlatch this keeper
of the treasures of man

remove your shoes
that we may not infect its virginal soil
with the world and it’s ways
as we step into the garden

we shall tiptoe in peace
leaving our footprints behind us
that Mother may acknowledge
and embrace our presence
with pictures of our Souls
pressed in memory
until the next rain

the flowers have not yet fully awakened
but their fragrance of love
does permeate the air we breathe
and we are enriched thusly so

let us walk the path
to where the fruits of life do grow
and we shall sit upon the dampness
of Mother’s verdant breast
as she prepares and offers unto us
her sweetest of fruits

we shall gorge our spirits with delights
unknown to the weary worldly traveler
but we shall tell of it
when we return and break bread
in communion
with those of our Brethren
who may have lost their way

with their permission,
perhaps the flowers will give
of them selves when they awaken
and allow us to line the path
with their soft demure petals
that others may too come and dine
in this glory of conscious love manifest

let us offer a prayer
let us breathe in the etehric scents of life
and become one with our selves
that we may be in-lightened
and glow

let the nectar of the Gods
drip from our sated lips
that all may see
that our passions have co-joined
with our walk
and our way

let smiles adorn the faces
of we the children of creation
as it was intended

let us dance
without inhibition
for we care not who may be watching
for shame and the vice of “self”
cloaks our expression not

let us embrace
our selves
and each other
as does the Bride and the Groom
for the first time
that leads onward to an eternity

let us look upon our face
in that of each other
and see that we are truly
One energy
One Love
One Spirit
One Expression of all things

Let us simply ‘Be’
the Joy we vie for

let us Die this day
and pick up the life
we have denied
in our blindness
and mindless ways

let us come unto life
as life
for we are life
unto its self

yes we are
that which we speak

let us speak
of abundance
that with fills the cups
of us mortal men
and remove the glazed haze
from our eyes
that we realize
our sovereignty

speak of
good and holy things
with words that reach back
to our past dark ways
and illusions
and give to our memory
this day

this day
when we see our selves
as we are

i am a butterfly

© 25 September 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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