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Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Often Wonder

I Often Wonder

He was a gregarious character. He found a unbound joviality in laughter and visiting Dinner tables whenever the opportunity arose. He would eat to subdue his inner denied anguish, smothering his concerns between the courses of fare he consumed. She on the other hand was a quiet, solemn demure one, looking for soft shadows to duck behind and shield her light, for she feared the questions about what she truly thought. Together they were quite a pair, he with his vice and her with her blankets of obscurity. They each had their own life journey, a sort of acceptance and consignment to a lesser path. They both acquiesced to a small annoying fear that told them it was not safe to stand out and be the magnanimous personalities they always dreamed of, but never dared to be. He played games and faked himself to believing he was that dashing champion he emulated, the one that was found in Comic Books and on Television Sets. She found her contentment in the silence and hauntings of her childhood she had yet to let go. She lived at a certain peace with her delusions that she was still able to smile authentically . . . but she knew the truth, just as he did. Their Sovereignty along with their lives had been marginalized and minimized by their rote.

Many people these days wear such masks, hiding behind something, hiding out from what they wish to be and do have the power to be. I often wonder why do we subjugate our selves to being something that fits in to the misery we don’t even like? Is this truly a safe place for us, or are we destined to continually crucify ourselves upon the crosses of our own making ? . . . I Often Wonder . . .

This is dedicated to all those of us who would like to be expressively true but fear our own shadows of greatness.

Inspired by the Book Titled “I Often Wonder” written by my Friend Alan W. Jankowski.

© 15 September 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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