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Monday, September 10, 2012

let our Poetry Dance

let our Poetry Dance

i heard her faint whisper
delicately caress the ear
of my soul

she was beckoning me
to put aside “Life”,
for she wanted to play

it was time for us
to frolic
and whirl
and spin
and dance again

pick up your pen
and let me speak
life unto life
for i have
a verse or two
or more
to disperse
to the world

yes, my beloved
has awakened
and cast gently open
the door to my heart
for she wanted
to embrace
those who would live
this day
and become
the way
with poetry

let us play
my dear muse
let us impart smiles
who would not refuse thee
to those who would hear
and understand
and love to all the rest

come my Muse
for the day
this day
is required of thee

teach me to be clear
as we endear
our longings for peace
and tranquility
to the vision of man
and let us not
forget me not

let our passion be
to build Castles
for all the Children
and fill
all the rooms
with dreams
that bear no limitations

let these dreams
be ever abundant
and self manifest
with astute
acutely sagacious
that can not be rebuked
nor assigned to refrain
and let all see
and believe
all that is conceived
is achievable

let us pen a verse
or two
or more
that will light
the unused candles
in the closets of Man’s souls

let us open that door
that holds at bay
the dreams of this
eternal day

let our Poetry Dance

© 10 September 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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