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Sunday, February 19, 2012

will that do for you ?

will that do for you ?

i bowed
in the deepest of reverence
for i had an offering

within my hands
there was my heart
and i offered it to life
that i may fully live

i knew naught of anything else
save Trust
for God was seen
in all things
and without

i felt the Presence of the Greater
in my thoughts
my intent
my deeds
my wishes and visions too
which is why
i have always sown seeds like this
to touch needs like this
in myself
and possibly you too

i remember,
do you . . .
when we did not carry heavy things
upon our shoulders of reason
but somehow
we reasoned that “Gift of Conviction” away
while trying to adapt
and please others

many times i asked myself
why do i bother
and i realized
i was afraid of the loneliness
of walking my own path
with no crowd cheering
no naysayers jeering
validating my rights
to rebuke them
as i refuted my own glory
of being
can you see
where i am going with this ?

i remember when life Kissed me
. . . often
and i kissed her in return

her very breath was my lover
and she reminded me
of our bond of joy
with every heartbeat

take a seat here son
i have a story to tell
one for the ages
one that all the Sages speak of
about the Love

you see
a long time ago
more than we now know
there was this place
that was not a place at all
until the call came
in the name of you
the name of me
and we
shall call Him, She, It Father
or whatever you wish or rather
for the words, they really do not matter
but they “DO”
yes words “DO”!

He spoke those words
“Let It Be”
famous now
and somehow
life began
Man will never quite understand
or will he
the Power of the Word that “BE”
can you see
what i am saying here

and from that point on
there was not only the Dark
but the Dawn
that we,
would have something to live for
vie for
as we look for
that door
to our liberation
from our own ghosts,
our exacerbation
from the deliberations
we hold as truths in our reason
season in . . . season out

and through each day of our lives
the Sun does rise
we still bring doubts to the table
feeding the lame and the able alike
while disabling
becoming the less
than valiant dreams
within and without

it is our own very psyche
that deludes us
as we have lost our trust
in the greater of things
we once knew so intimately

so we invented Faith
that we may believe
in that which we conceive
oh the woe in that statement

we are told
and reminded that
if we believe we can achieve
such things
we use to just speak of and see
as we watched them actualize
before our eyes
before the advent of time
did arise
to interrupt our flow
of what we once took for granted
“The Know”

i ask you
did you know that . .
You are God manifest ?

That is the test of all souls
to come to realize
that the stories you are told
are just that “Stories”
Fables and Lies
whether White or Black
they are all cute diversionary synonyms
to keep you separated from Him
or Her
or It
for goodness sake
awake my child

well, back to the Garden
where the fruit is sweet
and you are complete
in the knowing
that you are the Wind
the Moon
the Stars . .
you are the Near, and the Far
the seen embraced
in what is not readily faced

dare i impugn
that you are all things
that’s a twist on logic
for you “Are”
but simply listen to this
you are
God Manifest
and Ordained
it’s plain you see
if you choose to
simply Be

let me take task here
and simply ask you dear
If that which is “Perfect” created a thing . . .
what is that thing ? . . .
can it be any less ?

Let us stop all this confessing
to unknown Sins
we are born in
again and again
and gather the lesson
and get off this deluded Merry Go Round
where all are Dizzy
and busy
creating Haunted Houses and rides
for you to be induced to abide
and be absently happy
with the doled out Candies
Cottony and soft
dreams aloft
with our commitments to truth
aloft as well
while we scoff and tell
more nursery rhymes
to the children

the Son does go down
at this Circus
where all the Clowns
with Scary, Silly faces of surreal Truths
continue the venue
of make believe
and we are entertained
and we remember our pain
don’t we

yes . . . let us “Make Believe”
that we are free
to be what we wish to be
Happy dammit

will that do for you ?

© 20 February 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.


ms.heavenglows said...

Love the pen and it has many things that one can see clearly that one can use. I found your passion to be very warm and felt your heart speaking what you feel. The idea, I what to tell you my good friend will happen someday I promise. But, until love is written on the heart of every one, the facts remain in a time to come, unborn yet, yearning to be nurtured. Many may not understand, but I do and I do know that is God's plan after judgment has passed. All those that know this info are before time, if you will, for living needs a commitment first, then peace needs a commitment, then faith needs a commitment to seal our fate and the list goes on and on till judgment has pass. I am honored by your passion and down the line when one reads this you will be able to say, I told you all alone. Stay bless my friend. Love ya. ~~~ DiLinda

W. S. Peters, Sr. said...

all love to you my Dear DiLinda . . . .