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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I am listening to now

I am listening to now

I hear the muscles in my bowels
Doing it’s digestive duties

I hear the breathing of life,
I listen as the air rushes into my nostrils
And fill my lung cavity

I hear the beating of my heart
And it’s attempt to keep pace
With it’s own perceptions of life
And it does well

I hear the bird in the wood
Calling to the day
Letting all know that life speaks

I hear the stillness of that very wood
And the reaching of every limb
Of every Tree
To the heavens

I hear the sneaking yet not silent footsteps of thought
Tickling my consciousness to come to play with them
This day
I smile

I hear my expectations
Wailing for fulfillment
Crying against it’s own limitedness to dream
So i let them go
That i may re-create them
More grander than before
And again i smile

I hear delusions being manufactured
In a concept of peace within
But is it ?

I hear your call for this same

I hear God speaking
Am i He
Am i She
Am i simply me
Manifest ?

I hear the evolution of past to now
And somehow it is believable
For at one time
That now was conceivable
As it is “Now”
And hear i am
Hearing the footsteps already expressed
That i address through this time’s illusion
Amidst the confusion
That which i ignored

I hear this smile on my face
Humming along
Singing the song
Of Universes yet to be born
And birth them “I” will
That we may ever seek

I hear this week is gone
Yet it is still awakening
In lessons
Yet to be embraced

I hear the approach of Chance
And i listen as it
Knocks upon the door of opportunity
And i pay attention
As they greet each other
With indifferent salutations
To the dawn

I hear the soft footsteps in the Garden
As we creep through life
Wanting to Dance
But our limbs are frozen in fear
Wanting to sing
But doubt paralyzes our voices
Yet i hear you
I hear me

I hear the calling
For sleep
And that call we all will answer
Won’t we

I hear the warmth in my ears
As the blood rushes to my lobes of consciousness
To attune my listening prowess

And as i said
I hear God in all things
Do you
Are you listening
I Am
You Are
The I Am
Are we not
When we listen
I am listening to now

© 15 February 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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