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Saturday, February 11, 2012

come steal my heart . . .

come steal my heart  . . .

come steal my heart my beloved one
be as the thief who creepeth in the twilight
ever vigilant seeking the cherishable prize
that ushers forth riches untold
let the graces of our aspirations
and dreams
become a presence of One

come steal my heart my beloved
take charge of my heart felt wanderings
let there be no repass of my guilt
for what you take charge of here
i bear no ownership

come steal my heart my beloved one
my longing calls for one just like you
be mindful of your caring
let it be focused upon me alone

should you wander to another garden
where the fruit appears that much sweeter
know that i bear no angst against thee
for you have tasted of my sweetest
and i am grateful to have fed your dreams

come steal my heart my dear and beloved one
come steal my heart
and let us dance in the realm
of expectations of our greater self
let us uninhibitedly display our joy
in the smile upon our face
the smiles that are tethered to our Light Heart
where shadows have no name

come steal my heart my beloved one
and as we comingle in our bliss
let us kiss
and let the ether of our union
be the spirit that spawns life
and the universe shall sing
of the ecstasy of our love
in it’s highest form of celebration

come steal my heart beloved one
and let the angels lose their guard
for my heart in your hand requires no chaperone
and all the eyes of heaven shall be filled
with the beauty of their tears of allure
as they flow to feed those
who know not of thy passions

come steal my heart my beloved one
and we shall dine at the table
eternity has set before us
entwined in all the blessings of imaginings
of all the God-ness of promise
as one

come steal my heart . . .

© 30 April 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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