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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

“I Am Thankful”

“I Am Thankful”

“I Am Thankful”

let me melt into the abysmal arms
of thy grace
for i am thankful

i look about me and i see wonder
and for this gift of sight
i am humbled
and tears moistens my eye
and i am humbled

i feel the beat of your Heart
within mine
and i listen
to the concordant symphony
of life
and conclude reverently
that You and i
are one

the strife and anguish
that challenges my glee
sadly resides in me
but as thy servant James spoke
i count it all joy
so i give my yoke of burden
unto thee

this unceasing breath
that fills my breast
many times goes unnoticed
in my conscious
but i embrace it just the same
with the love of life

yes, i am thankful

the attitude of gratitude
does elude me
many a day
for as a man
i do not always understand
Your ways
but i do remember
what you said
for it forever plays
in my head
that “your Ways are not my Ways”

this does beckon me
to Trust in your judgment
and i am thankful,
for if i had to do it
i would screw it

i am thankful for all the challenges
you have adorned my path with
for i am the Wiser
the Stronger
the more determined
in my stumbling
my bumbling

it is that darkness
i have learned the nature of Thy Light
and i Fight for it
without fail
within me
and the world about me
I am thankful

this day, my cup is overflowing
for this day i rest in the knowing
that You Father still love me
and i feel this
this existential bliss
this kiss of life
filled with possibilities
for what i may become

so in summing up this brief relief
of what my heart seeks to speak
there is but 3 words
i know you have heard
so many times before
and that is
“I Am Thankful”

© 29 February 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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