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Sunday, February 19, 2012



my words are not shared
for the purpose of entertaining you
though you may find some musing within them

nor are my words offered for the purposes
of sustaining you
that you must do for your self
get your God to help
whatever that may be
or whom He / She or It
is to you

my words reflect my pathway
my thoughts
my feelings
the floors
my ceilings
i experience
throughout my journey

some may say it is my struggle
that is ok
for they are right
the days
the nights
i travel
are that of my own

they may be somewhat recognizable
but don’t even try
to walk my path
find your own tours
and enjoy the sightseeing
you are paying for

whether by bus or train
the pain of it’s brevity
leads not to any particular levity
though we smile anyway

we tell stories
“Fish Stories” i think
to others and our selves too
about the Fairies and Elves we conjure
to make our lives dismally magical

i once did find a 4 leaf clover
and many 3 leaved ones i split
to sometimes 4
and many times more
as i dreamed of the possibilities
of deliverance

to where from what
ha ha ha

heaven some may call it
me, i just don’t know
many claim they do

i think that is what Faith covers
the ambiguity of the unseen
while we lazily await a harvest
from some seeds sown
yet we keep not the garden
with the same ardent behavior
with which we dream
do we ?
pardon me . . . .

and Ultimately
whatever that signifies
there may be truth
and many misogynistic lies
we happily hug and cling to
and we are not that much different
are we

wanting what is the Ultimate
but we really do not want to face it
with any semblance of finality
though we pretend to chase it

we would rather dream
and create visions of pretense
while sitting on the fences
of the defenses
of the self pretenses
colored by lore handed down
passed around
from ear to ear
fear to fear
tear to tear

is that queer or what
the butt kissing
and licking
and my bic is not flicking properly
cause it is made in Taiwan
yet Opie and Ron
Howard that is
are one and the same
though the names may differ
to feed you disconnectedness

and during this mess
as our ships are listing
threatening to drowns us
thus, we are poor swimmers
when it get’s right down to it
bottom dwellers are we ?
perchance ?

so ultimately
let me dance
as the clown in the court
a Jester gesturing
giving life the “Bird”
and those things i once heard
let me forget them as well
and then
at lease ultimately
i will be present


© 18 February 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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