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Sunday, February 26, 2012

for you, for me, from me to you

for you, for me, from me to you

my ship is sinking
for my tongue
has been loosed

i speak on things
which i should not
i think on things
which seek to but pierce my hull
giving way my life’s buoyancy

“be mindful of what
proceeds from thy mouth”
or something like that
was something i read somewhere
i do believe
it was a scripture
or at least ought to be

it is my own now
and somehow
i must employ it
more often

like Cow Shit
in the pasture
mixed with the food we must eat

who would have thought
words were digestible
when poisoned
and laced
with traces of our own discontent
we must eventually face
that which
we have for self
that we transfer to others
our Sisters
our Brothers

those sails
that gather winds
that i may traverse my Seas of life
have holes in them
as they seek to gather
a new breath
tattered and torn

My brother, Wind
whispers to my soul
that a whole billow
makes for a lovely pillow
where hope for better ‘morrows lie

yet lies about what is about us
and my sails
are less than diligent
in their seeking
to do their duty
for the bounty
and the booty
of life’s spoils
will never be mine
if i do not mind
that which i toil for

yes, my ship is sinking
ever so slowly
as i descend
ever so lowly
in the ways of schisms
betwixt me and you
with criticisms
and man made created “isms”
to justify my perspectives
which are naught but
mostly useless electives
and selectives
of how indifferent we can be
when it comes to
our own directives
and the way we should go
you know
what i mean

and in the mean time
we do not see
there is only one Sea
and we all are sailing our ships
and remember what they said . . .
“Loose lips Sinks Ships”

end piece

© 26 February 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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