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Tuesday, September 14, 2010



The word for today for me is “Stretch”. I share this with you. Physically if we “stretch” we increase not only our mobility, but also that of our flexibility and ability . . . . our ability to reach up higher that we have before, even if it is but another centimeter . . . and we as well increase our ability to reach down and perhaps pick up those Gems that lie upon our paths that we were never able to reach or touch in the past. In the compilation of these letters S_T_R_E_T_C_H . . . i attempted to find other meaning, and thus was able to “Stretch” my imagination a bit more than what i awoke with this fine morning. I then transmuted the flavor of my thought into the Spiritual resonance of my “BE”ing. I then began to allow myself to release and flow beyond the walls of my imaginary containment and thus i decided to write . . . . so, in the Now of “BE”ing this is what is coming about.

I today . . . “NOW” will “Stretch” beyond the walls of my Beliefs that i may see what i can discover !

I today . . . “NOW” will “Stretch” beyond my habits and rituals that i may see another way of doing things !

I today . . . “NOW” will “Stretch” beyond the limiting doors of my perceptions of love to see it there is more love for me, as well as if there is more love in me that i may impart it to the world and others !

I today . . . “NOW” will “Stretch” beyond the limitations of Time and will set aside the rules that dictate my “Be”ing and allow me the Freedoms associated with such !

I today . . . “NOW” will “Stretch” beyond my fears of letting go . . . and perhaps in doing so there will be other gifts of life that i will be able to touch and hold and learn to appreciate !

I today . . . “NOW” will “Stretch” beyond my doubts and embrace the arrogance of believing “I Can Do All Things” !

I today . . . “NOW” will “Stretch” beyond small minded thinking that i can not change the world, and commence to do so !

I today . . . “NOW” will “Stretch” beyond my own self denial of Joy and go within and open the doors of my Joy Closet and share it with the things without me . . . i will Be Joy!

I today . . . “NOW” will “Stretch” beyond and touch a tender subject about myself that i protect from harm without and within . . . you know what i mean!

I today . . . “NOW” will “Stretch” beyond will do 1 thing i have never done before . . . . hhhhmmm what could that “BE” ? Requires some contemplation and reflection does it not ?

I today . . . “NOW” will “Stretch” beyond will challenge my boundaries as much as i can remember to do so !

I today . . . “NOW” will “Stretch” beyond will collect nor gather any self demeaning attitudes or burdens to carry forth in my life . . . i will observe, inspect and then let them go, for the limit my possibilities of “Be”ing

I today . . . “NOW” will “Stretch” beyond just to do so ?

I today . . . “NOW” will “Stretch” beyond and allow my “Beyonds” to be in the “NOW”!


(c) December 2009 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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