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Saturday, September 25, 2010

the Sleeper's Song

the sleeper’s song . . .

he sat on the perch of life and deliberately began to bear his soul
and he spoke in a tongue that has not been heard since the days of old
yes he knew the language of the Ancients now hidden
and he was aware that this tongue of light was quite forbidden
but the day has come and he somehow knew this
the invasion of the Darkness had to desist
for many a child would be lost to the war
and that was what he was sent here for
to awaken the sleepers from the mist and enchantment
to sever the chords of illusions dependence
to open the gates before it was too late
for that was the cause of his Soul and fate
the time for song was ebbing once more
yes he had visited upon this dimension before
the story has not changed nor has the game
and he was the keeper of this Holy Flame
a “Gate Keeper” is what they called him
eleven more guarded the abyss’ sharp edged rim
and once again it was he who sounded the Drum
as the sleepers awakened and embraced their sum
the war was beginning betwixt the Ying and the Yang
and you could hear the solemn song as they sang
for eons we have awaited this time and space
and now comes the time when we will see His face
i watched as the fiery light began to dance in the air
consuming all there is, the blight and the fair
and the sleeper’s song began to shred the shroud
and the silence of death danced through the crowd
the words they did utter gave cause to the quake
for now the words has been spoken, and the sleeper’s awake

a sleeper can not sing . . . the sleeper’s song . . .

(c) September 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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