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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I turned my light on.

I turned my light on. I then embarked on a life quest journey within. I went into the darkest recesses of self . . . seeking resolutions to the who of who “I Am”. Yes, i wanted to know all of who “I AM”! Deep, and i meant deep in the corners of obscurity i saw a little child, cowering from my light. Feeling a kin ship with this being i approached with the care one would exhibit to any young child. I realized as i approached, that this child was deftly afraid. Afraid of Life perhaps ? . . . or me ? . . . Light ? or maybe just afraid of contact due to his isolation from these things. I could feel this child as if it was my own. I felt an unexplainable empathy and love for this poor apparent waif who was all alone. I reached out and spoke these three words . . . “You are Loved”! Just then the Child lifted his head up and gazed directly and deeply into my eyes . . . into my soul. He touched some common string of existence between us. I was puzzled but not to be deterred, for i knew that i knew love!. The child seemed to lighten up a bit as i approached. His face was a bit recognizable as i drew closer. I could feel an especial connection between us. I spoke from my spirit with all intent of goodness and compassion to this child about my intent to be of help. The child’s countenance became even brighter as i spoke of Trust, Faith, Love, Light and Hope.

I reached out my hand in all earnesty to connect, to bond with the heart of this child, and then, something magical happened . . . the Child who seemed so isolated and dismayed reached out. Upon our hand touching each other the child lifted his face from the recesses of obscurity and i had a divine epiphany. I began to cry incessantly, for i realized that the child i had found so deep within my self, the child that withdrew from life because of fear, hurt, lack of trust, lack of love and understanding of his life’s experiences was none other that “ME”!

(c) 2008 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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