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Monday, January 21, 2013

do you mean it

do you mean it

words . . .
they are so easy to express
but ask your self
before you speak
do you mean it

i love you
i hate you

do you truly mean it
have you seen it
in the spirit
as you express it
and how it
affects you
and others about you

do you mean it

i am not aware of
that the same heart that loves
can hate
oopppss to late
i said it already

i expressed something
that was not meant to be

you see
we must examine our words
and ask your self
again and again
do you mean it
before you open your mouth
and express it

do you mean it

words expressed is an action
that makes an impaction
to a fraction of the whole
and therefore the whole
has a hole
to accept
what has been spoken
as a token
of who you are

do you mean it

a wound given to others
can not be taken back
with mere apologies
and a psychology
of being sorry

sorry, i am still hurt
one may say
because of what you said
still resides in my memory
my head

did you mean it
do you still

what ill will or errant wind
did that thought begin in
that you would
say such a thing

did you mean it

be mindful of what proceeds
from thy mouth
for it is not what goes in
that defiles you
it is what you expectorate
and once that is done
it is too late
to take it back
the callous attack
of your words

so in the end
you can not defend
what you spoke to the world
your self
your God
for all energies are seen
so again ask your self

did you mean it
do you mean it

© 17 January 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

a New Water

a New Water

at my feet ran the river
which ran to the river
and thus in the garden
and communed with it’s Twin Sisters

There converged the Four Rivers
as spoken of
in ancient texts

and in my feeble stream of consciousness
i realized that i am mighty
and my parentage is that of the Ocean
of ALL Life

I too am the water which was stirred by the Spirit

and we all know
there ain’t no such thing
as New Water

© 12 January 2013 : william s. peters, sr. 

and i still have a dream

and i still have a dream

i dreamt of Peace
and she in her own time
made her way in to my Soul

i dreamt of Love
and she came to my Altar
and Sacrificed herself unto me
in the Temple of my Heart

I dreamt of Wisdom
and Peace and Love smiled
and whispered
it was Wisdom
that caused you to Dream of us
and called for our presence in your life

And they sang as Angels
Lullabies of Love and Peace
Laden with Wisdom
and i began to slumber
for i still have a dream
and this is for you

May you have Peace
May you have Love
and may they too whisper to you
that you already possess
all you ever needed.


© 20 January 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

ado about nothing

ado about nothing

the children were aimlessly being aimless
for they had no place to go
nor be
for they were already there
and when

and here we are
trying to slip into our “Now”
while trying to recapture
those moments of magic
we still smell upon the memories
of our yesterdays

i too remember
the scent of Spring
and the Rains
and puddles
we joyously played in
with splashing imaginations
of the Oceans to come

oh the flowers
the Yellow Jackets
and the Honeysuckle
whose sweetness
made it all worthwhile
and still does
conjure smiles
as i sit here
collecting far too distant images
of those golden yester years

there are no tears
save for gratitude
for i still embrace those moments
for they are the treasures of life
the pleasure in rife
devoid of this illusion of strife
we far too often cling to

you and i have work to do
as we go about
clearing and cleaning
gleaning the hulls
that hides our light

remove thy bushel fair friend
and let us become the children again
of the Sovereignty
of life

dream and become
that which we once were
and now have to desire to be
where our sum is repletely sweet

the music has not stopped
but we hear other things
don’t we
for our inner ear has lost it’s tuning
to the worries
and the hurries
of the world

for being aimless
is a bad thing they say
but then again
“they” have been known to say much
ado about nothing

© 20 January 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

a Pre Easter Poem

i am always amazed, mystified and amused by how many people are celebrating Easter so early in this year and some do all year by Nailing themselves and / or others to the Cross . . . ~ wsp

a Pre~Easter Poem

i watched the blood dripping
in what i thought to be senseless
as the rivulets became small pools
upon the ground found
at the base of that tree

the nailing was a horrible experience
one i could not watch again
yet i, we must

i wondered, was this the end of this
or but the beginning

will there be other sacrificial lambs
to come
would it be you
or us all
as this new age dawns upon us

veni foras Dilecti Aquarius et
effunde spiritum tuum super terram
(come forth Dear Aquarius
and pour thy spirit upon the earth)

let us drink

is their a higher truth to be had
than this allegorical sacrifice
of life unto life

will we too have to walk that Holy Trail
when it is all spoken and done
in order to achieve the One-ness
which our Soul’s desire
live to die for
vie for
through our eternal restlessness

at times i question the perfect plan
the perfect will
and still
there are no answers

perhaps i am not ready

i have almost learned to let go of the world
but then again
that is but my empirical self speaking

there are many other Ghosts i must give up
they do not haunt me much any more
i have become quite adept
with my delusions
i have almost mastered then

but still there is that gnawing
perhaps it is that “Still Small Voice”
whispering to me
about choices

we all wish for some sort respite from ourselves
to some degree

it would be nice to be a lamb i think
and follow the herd
but i heard something from within
that was of me, but not

i know i have not completely forgot
those words scribed upon many Altars
“in meam commemorationem”
“In Remembrance of Me”

in absentia luci, tenebrae vincunt
(in the absence of light there is darkness

please see me

sic maxima cum admirationis
et corde pio veniam ad te
mihi quoque obsecro ut rmember
(so with the greatest of wonder
and a reverent heart i come unto thee,
and i pray that you remember me as well)

that i too one day will say to the world
i have stood my ground amongst you
indulged in your offerings
and have eaten from your table
and though i seemed to be full,
i have found no lasting pleasure
in your meals, for they were not
for the feeding of my soul,
but for the trial of my Sovereignty

veni, vidi, vici

12 January 2013 : william s. peters, sr

a New Water

a New Water

at my feet ran the river
which ran to the river
and thus in the garden
and communed with it’s Twin Sisters

There converged the Four Rivers
as spoken of
in ancient texts

and in my feeble stream of consciousness
i realized that i am mighty
and my parentage is that of the Ocean
of ALL Life

I too am the water which was stirred by the Spirit

and we all know
there ain’t no such thing
as New Water

© 12 January 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

forever . . .perhaps

forever . . .perhaps

it seemed to be a Sun-less Sky
and i asked why
as it greeted me in the morning
the dawning of this New Day

perhaps the Clouds
and the listless gray Skies
had something to teach me
to understand, i vie

i looked at my self
and considered my place
and faced aspects of me
i have forgotten

and clearly, clearly
my own clouds began to part
and the shroud was beginning to lift
as i sifted for my own Sun

there is much to be said
in this introspective headiness
when we circumspect
and inspect our “BE”ing-ness

oh what a mess
a tangled web we have weaved
as we deceived
the best of who we are

some things i had to let go
for they served no purpose
to my path
and my psychic load felt lighter

i no longer had to fight within
do  battle with self
and i gave it to those gray skies
that they may carry them away

forever . . . perhaps

© 12 January 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

let us sing praises

let us sing praises

there i stood
my face turned up to the Heavens
eyes closed
absorbing the energy
of life

the mists of the light rain
was caressing my cheeks
my forehead
my lips
my consciousness
to awaken
while telling their stories

they had visited
many places
in the cycles of their lives

some the Black Sea
some the Rivers, Brooks and Streams
some the Azure Waters
across this wonderful world

some were at one time tears
that expelled the fears
of living
from many a soul

they told of the Brotherhood of the Clouds
and how they teasingly play together
during the Calms
during the Storms
to awaken our imaginations
forming shapes of wonder
for those who remember
that we are but still yet children

and as always
it is at these times
i can not help but smile
from my deepest recessed self
to the outer world

oh the glory of life
and the stories they told
and i listened
as they glistened upon my countenance
only to return
from whence they came
the all-ness of all things

let us sing praises

© 11 January 2013 : william s. peters, Sr.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Our Gift

Our Gift

come . . .let us sit by the winter fire
and tell the stories of our heart
for there is a touch of spring in the air

i yet long for that everlasting time
where the wonder of new-ness
permeates the air
and kisses my longing hello
once again

yes, i can see her
dancing down the lane of my aspirations
adorned with smiles
and a pink dress

spring my love
my first love
a very special time
is upon us once again

so let us sit by the fire
and revisit that which has been
but comes again
none too soon
but always on time

a touch of Spring
a very precious time

Our Gift

© 5 January 2012 : william s. peters, sr.

inspired by Gil Scott Heron : A Very Precious Time

a quiet repose

a quiet repose

upon the leaves of the grass
there is a glistening wonder
pretending to be life’s diamonds
and they are
for they give life
and they know “Who the Are”!

they come faithfully every morning
just at the Time
when God awakens the world
to show us once again
a magnificence
we did not fully grasp yesterday
and there shall be leftovers
for the ‘morrow

i sit here contemplating such a Gift
as they go about their duty
and i mine
writing of the faiths of creation
it is all about me

we the children have dogmatically held on
to our hope for a better tomorrow . . .
as we have done
every day of our lives

our hearts know this is possible
for we would not have believed so
if it were not
would we ?

i have smile
in the face of the morning Sun
for it gives me the light
that i may witness
this glory expressed
and i know
i too am seen
by the unseen
and that which is all things

in my heart a warmth resides
an i blossom once again
to embrace the day before me
with open eyes
and i do see
that i am truly blessed

for today
life is glistening in wonder
about me
within me
in the movement
in the stillness
in the noise
in the silence
a quiet repose

© 6 January 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

oh Lorde

oh Lorde

if i should die today
i pray that your name be upon my lips
as i cross over
into my wonderland,
the realm where thou dwells
in thy fullest regality
and sovereignty

i have seen Your face
in the splendor and glory
of life manifest
in all things
a test all men face
in this finite space
where our perspectives rule
for we are of the World

yet as are You
in all Worlds,
those we live in,
dream of
and those we have left behind
so are we

i have tasted the sweetness
the completeness
the repleteness
of your presence
and without
and without a doubt
i always knew you were here
with me

i have not always
seen my way clearly
to the path which i dearly dreamt of
that path of that ultimate love
i know belongs to you
to me
and i thank thee
for such a gift
we shall simply call “BE-ing”

i am seeing now
that there is a greater within me
begging to be set free
that i may shine
and lend my light
wherever i may

Yes Lorde,
grant my hearts desire
let me speak thy Name
and profess in the wilderness
for 40 Days by 40 days
into an eternity
that which has always been everlasting

i shall eat thy bread
while fasting from that
which is served to me
by the world of men

i shall sup from the cup
that Holy Chalice
made by thy Hands

and the mere vision of such things
inebriates me
beyond my understanding
for i am euphorically yours

Lorde, whisper to my Soul
that which i seek
and that is but to be in perfect awareness
that I Am as thou Art
for i am You
a creation of your edict
your dream
your Omniessence
for there is no fault in you
and thus my ‘i’

and let my once jaundiced eye see
with an absolute clarity
that which must be
and shall be
beyond the conceptualization of time

speak to me
thy Name

Oh Lorde

© 3 January 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

come my child

come my child

come my child
let me adorn thy dreams with wings
that you may remember
that you can fly

touch the world with you beauty
and make that call
from thy center
that thy Brothers and Sisters may hear

the Master has returned

we pour our spirits upon the Earth
for the time for Aquarius is upon us
She is awakening within us
a New Dawn

greet thy Sun which resides in thy center
and speak of Holy things
for Thou Art Holy

speak with that “Still Small Voice” . . . now
my child
it has been calling you for aeons
and has patiently awaited your response

let us dance with unbridled joy
in the spirit of the wonder
of our absence from the realm
where we once ruled
space and time

let us know that it is not
as we are naught but . . .
The “I AM” manifest

let smiles light up our cities
as we join hands in love
one to another
without inhibition nor restraint

come my child
your future is now
let that universal light
that twinkles in thy vision
thy eye
become the life
you have always knew it was

be the magic for common men
and show them their way
as you remove thy bushel
that all in this temporal room may see

come my child
there is no cost to eat here
the bread and honey and milk
have no price

let thy Soul delight itself in fatness
that it may bear a sweet fruit
that all . . . all . . . all
will learn to embrace their divinity again

awaken my child
and come
your presence is required here

come my child

© 2 January 2013 : william s. peters, sr.