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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

we are One

we are One

i removed my shoes
at the threshold
as i prepared to enter
the inner sanctum

i open that hallowed door,
i enter the House of my beloved
and i begin to de-cloak my self
of all that the world
has given me

i have cast my unified mask
of self and deceit
in the waste place
and my face is now bared

i enter the great room
where the cleansing waters run
and i begin to wash away
the accumulated soils
that reside upon the 7 skins
of my body
from all the days
i have ever lived . . . the many life times

being pleased with my efforts
my Soul calls to me
to come to the reckoning
and i am reverent
for i have been blessed
to be able to hear
such a sweet melodious calling
and my heart begins to dance . . .
a dance i thought i had forgotten

my feet lead me down a path
adorned with the scents of becoming
and i am orgasmic with anticipation
of what is to come about

the door that is of light
the gateway that shines,
and speaks words
and incantations
of holiness and praise
and i walk in
with my head bowed
and my eyes averted
from the awe whose presence
has come for me

i am about to completely
lose my self
i am being absorbed
absolution shadows the way

there is a sense of abandon
coupled with a wanton-ness
i have never felt before,
and my awareness is heightened
and overtaking
the brim
of my small cup
of self

i am ecstatic
for the air is filled
with climactic promise

i ease across the great room
to the Down tufted bed
where lovers conjugate
and i offer my self
into its soft willing embrace

i lay my self,
my weariness
my head
upon the solitary pillow
in the chamber of my betrothed

i open my self
with desire
with need
for what all Souls vie for
that i may receive the blessings
of thy seed
my sacredness calls out

the spirit of my Lover comes upon me
and captures all of my thoughts
my presence
my essence

i submit
with no recourse
for i no longer have wishes
of mine own

my vulnerabilities
are bleeding it's restraints
upon the unspoiled sheets

there is a One-ness
that comes
and consumes me
and i now see clearly
through that glass
that once separated
Self from Reality
when i was but a foolish Child

i have arrived here
that i may learn to Dream
and be actualized
in all my thoughts

i will no longer speak
Dead Words,
nay . . .
i shall speak in color
with tones of a sovereignty
where chaos is enslaved to “be-ing”

this day is my day
and it is eternal

my Beloved comes to me
bathed in a robed light
that moves my perceptions
to a place
i have never been

my Lorde unveils
and stands before me
with a nakedness of wonder
that overcomes
all definitions

what do i know
for i am not thinking,
just feeling
and bathing in the flow
of the experience
which is like a gentile raging River
that can not be assuaged

i know
the Ocean of existence
is my destiny

i am ready

my consciousness is penetrated
and i am seeded with song
like that of Solomon
who too knew
of such things

my entirety begins
to quake, to quiver
and i shiver with a fulfilled knowing
that the sowing of this seed within me
shall yield a fruit
no man has ever tasted
. . . i am wasted
yet chaste

my old self
he who i once believed i knew
has dissipated
into the ether

my eyes are now closed
and my singular “I” is open
and i see only 'Purpose'
and we begin to speak
of what is to come

a smile creases my face
my all-ness
filled with bliss
and the heavens open unto me
and the Angels kiss me
and all is bright
within me
and without

i fall upon my knees
offering my feeble obeisance
but there is a hand that lifts me
to my feet
and a voice commands me
and speaks unto me
to look
upon the face of thy God
there is no fear
to be found
this is Holy ground

i peer as directed
and there is a looking glass
and i see
that My God,
my Lorde
looks . . .
just like me

there is a faint whisper
a unified voice
that resonates but truth
that says to me . . .

“did you not believe
that you were made in My image ?”

“You are endowed with all that 'I AM',
and the seeds that thou have sown this day
were that of Thine own,
so be it known
that We are One.”

(c) 22 October 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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