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Thursday, October 24, 2013



i am autonomously connected
to a conundrum of dichotomies
where contradictions
rule the day

i am One yet many
yet all
yet none
of these things

i am discovering
that which has always been
and the absence of this sin
you would have me embrace

i long to taste
the essence
of the thought
the consciousness
which made me,
that which is without flaw

being the suspect prefect
of what i believe
i suspect that
i am more
then what you tell me i am
more than what i have told my self

i feel there is an untapped wealth
waiting in the shadows
for my smile
to lighten up my perceptions
so that all the deceptions
will flee
whatever that may be

as the night silently approaches
and fatigue makes its way
into my expressions
i begin to take leave of
my skewed reason and logics

the Angels of mercy
come to me
offering the much needed respite
for i have struggled with self
all the day long

i long for the rest
yet they do not wish to let go
my own mind
rebukes me
refutes me
with reproach
and taunts me
to continue to play
upon the landscapes of possibilities
enticing me to further investigate
the same spoiled meals
i have considered
every day of my adult life

yes, i too tire
of redressing and addressing
the same redundant pathways
that offer no probabilities,
just rote filled thought
that are devoid of the things,
the reasons we men
dream of and for . . .

we all have paid the toll
the tuition
to this school of life
have we not ?
yet some aberrant aspect of life”
continues to “tax” us
with death being the end game

we have suffered
got up
begged and prayed
to no apparent avail

we have mended the sails
of our aspirations
and painted the bow
with new age color filled doctrines
and yet we still move
in circles
that do not evolve
or spiral upward . . .

could it be that our rudders
need to be cast aside
have we yet weighed anchor ?
shall we become dependent
upon the way of the Seas
and its non prognostic waves
and their turbulence
hoping that it sees
much more than we ?

the Dove of our peace
is another MIA
this day
for he too wished to fly away
seeking Olive Branches
to provide a sign
for his own Soul
he too wishes to rest his
troubled wings
and gather new hopes to share
for the sake of the children
who anxiously await his return

2 by 2 in projection
with expectations
we remain dualistic
with naught but simplistic

we are flooded with despairs
that loom about us
waiting for our trust in our selves
and that 'empirical' God
within us
to vaporize . . . again

but we shall not go the way
of defeat
for our feet are resistant
to take that journey
and begrudgingly tread
towards our ultimate demise

the Souls
of our inner child
knows not of such things

nay, there is another day
awaiting us
if we can but make it through
and pierce the fabric
remove the scales
rend the veil
that cloaks us from our wonder
our regality
four sovereignty
with an absoluteness
a certainty
that too can not fail

yes we are the prefects
of that which we suspect
we are God personified
and we are soon to be deified
for we are One

as soon as i open this “I”
and realize that
i am autonomously connected
to a conundrum of dichotomies
where contradictions
rule the day
but i rule my Creation

(c) 24 October 2013

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