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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

damn it was hot

damn it was hot

it was so hot
in Puerto Rico
that i sat on the side
of the highway
just to feel the breeze of the cars
as they zoomed on by

Dogs and Iguanas
were migrating to center lane
on their knees
seeking release
from their ongoing miseries

it did rain
and i did curse it
as the hot droplets
left 2nd degree burns
all over my skin

the first day
i lost 10 pounds
and i was ecstatic
to accomplish in one day
what i have been trying to do
for a year

i was swimming in my own sweat

by the end of the 1st week
i felt like i was on a
Crack Diet
i was emaciated

we went for Ice Cream
and we drank our fill
it was almost cold too

i thought i was catching a cold
and i asked
“how could this be”
there were no chills to be found
unless i climbed
into the freezer
for even the refrigerator
was sweating profusely

i sneezed
and a cloud of dust
choked off what air
i thought i had

we went to the beach
and the water was hotter
than the sand
we were hungry
so we poached some eggs
and made a salad
with wilted greens
stewed tomatoes
and congealed dressings
that was most difficult to ingest

the children had sense
they did not go outside to play
during the day
they just peeked out the windows
and vicariously found their joy
watching us vacationing fools

during the nights
a coolness came about
and we did not sweat too much
however we knew that
we would have to
mop up the puddles
in the morning

the showers were never cold
they were like pool water
and i got the feeling
that God was pissing on me

i got dark intermittently
but the Sun bleached
what color i came with
and the promise of more away
daily !!!!

no one had swimming pools
and i wondered why
until it became clear . . .
what fool would bother digging
such a hole
only to go swimming
but to boil

now i know the suffering of Lobsters
and Crab and Shrimp and such
for the heat
the humidity
was much more
than what i choose to bear
i too felt like i was encased in a shell

we bought fans
the first night
and the next week too
for 1 fan
would not do
so i put one in the ceiling
cause i was feeling
some kind of way
but all the fan did
was stir the fukkn heat

damn it was hot
and Puerto Rico
i want you to know
i will not forget you . . . ever

thanxx for the memories

damn it was hot
but it was beautiful . . .

(c) 22 October 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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