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Friday, October 18, 2013

a path not yet traveled

Since October 7th, 2013 upon my arrival at my Family Home in Penuelas, Puerto Rico, i have sat and watched this colorful expression of life from a distance . . . a Playground. It was not until today that i chose and exercised my choice to venture and indulge in the possible wonder that awaited me in my exploration of its properties. I am so glad i have done so this fine morning of the 18th of October, 2013. With me extending beyond my accepted lethargy and comfort, a “write came to me, for which i am grateful. This write is for me, but i have chosen to share it that perhaps you the reader may find a piece of your self in it as well. I am not sure if one can call it a Poem, but that is the least of matters. Enjoy . . . .

a path not yet traveled

i never walked this way before
the path unknown

has he who went before me
perished ?
died ?
prospered ?
grown ?

seeds of hope sown,
what fruit was borne
by he who walked
the unknown road

a Lion fears not
what lies ahead
for He is a Lion
and He thinks as a King
He is therefore sovereign

A worm inches forward
And backwards at times
He burrows in the dark soils
to escape the Light
and is forever blinded

we Men,
we dwell in the vast void
with no absoluteness
of definitions
for we at times
fear convictions
and such things as commitment

we long for the day
and embrace the night

we conquer the mountains
of our illusions
but not our dreams

we replace our aspirations
with Mole Hills
of exasperation
that annoy us into
a state of inexplicable stillness

we then share them
with others
our sisters
our brothers
our children
that we not be alone

there is a wonderland
about us
and we engage it
with trepidation
fearing the true elation
we may experience
simply by trying
beyond our vying

so we quickly learn
new art forms
of reason,
and complaints
thus creating
and giving life
to the shadows
of our own self created
with our selves

yet . . .
we pray to some unknown
for resolution
to our lack of courage,
to our happily embraced lack
and temporal comforts,
but He, She, It
does not answer
for the address
was errant
so our fears remain

but if the Worm
would have a bit more trust
such as that of the Lion
or his cousin,
the Caterpillar
he would realize
that transformation
is possible

his eyes would open
to see that life
is a virtual playground
full of vivid colors
waiting for us
to walk the path
we have not yet traveled

we must allow the tangled knots
of our beliefs
to unravel
and we must have the courage
to let go
step out
push forward

in the end
we are the better for it
for we have engaged
we have truly lived
just ask those
who walked the path
their path
before us
unto their dreams
beyond the reason

we too can conquer the mountain
of our fear

(c) 18 October 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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