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Thursday, March 28, 2013

ready for change

ready for change

i stood upon the precipice
of change
and i looked over the edge
into the abyss
of my unknown

i tired finitely
of the path that led me
to this juxtaposition

i always knew it would come to this
a place where i must face my convictions
and peer into the reflections
of my Dreams
a place from which “i” have
spawned my own nightmares

perhaps i stand here caring
caring about not caring

i have to do more than think about it,
for over the years
my thoughts only brought
and other temporary crutches
for me to lean on

i was at a point
where i cared not about the wings
that used to be
attached to my beliefs
for they always
brought me back
to where i started from
my own personal Ground Zero

Heroes ? . . .
i did not trust in them
for in my eyes
i realize
that we are all Heroes
to have to make it through
this journey
yet, we are all Human
and in conflict
with the World
and the Heavens alike

i am not going to step off
this cliff
no, i shall leap
that i may reap
an answer with some semblance
of finality
to this quasi confirming reality
that i live

i am a smirker
not a shirker
for i am willing
to put the work in
if i am shown the way
but to whom do you give your allegiance ?

my drum still beats
and right at this moment
it is beating loudly

shall i follow it
and acquit myself
for i have been obedient
and here i am
ready for change

21 March 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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