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Thursday, March 28, 2013

all we must do is speak it

all we must do is speak it

with my pen
i emote words and scribe messages
upon the empty and wanting sheets
of my consciousness
that i may share them with the world
with my “Self”

my intent is focused upon
Love, Insight and Questions
of what may become

God do i have questions
i am still yet striving to formulate

i am awed by the wonder
of such cerebral things
and my spirit enjoins its self
to my evocations

some times the words are harsh
and sometimes they are joyful
but always inebriated
with the lure of possibilities
of the outcome
and how they may influence a world
that has yet to hear them
read them
feel them
reel them in to
their own being-ness

i am a writer
a poet
a conjurer of things
which seemingly
comes forth from nothingness

but i do know there is a something-ness
that influences my desires
to express
the less
the more
of this experientialnesss
with a certain quixotic-ness
yet to be discovered

i am uncovering potentials
and the differentials
betwixt our likeness
and our deference
exacting our commonness
as well as our indifference
in our valuations
and variations
pertaining our individual journey
and elected Life Paths

there is naught that is valid here
in this land of the “Wandering Wonderer”
save that which we choose to embrace

through the words i elect
i, you, can paint upon our essence
and face that with certain convicted confidence
that which we wish to taste
for a moment
a day
a life time
or not

there is a string
that tethers us
to each other

at times with a sour dour of antithesis
but we are bound just the same

the lame and the strong
those who are fulfilled
so they think . . .
whether right, left or wrong
and those who long
for more

and as one who utilizes words
i have seen the mean
by which our connectedness
in spite of that which we fear
within our selves

as we circumspectively inspect our
looming exponential-ness
by design
or default
we trudge on
when we see our selves as less then adequate

many times
we quickly seek to find fault
that we are not assaulted
by the guilt we allow
in our shallow understanding
of who we still have the ability to become

like a cup with no limits
and a hole in the bottom
our sums
will never fully be recognized
through the eyes of our finite

it is but a meager attempt to belong
to something
to apply our intuitive need for congruity
which seems to fail us

will trust alter the manifestation
of what is to be ?

ya better recognize

that in the mere offering of words
we can create that perfection
we all so direly desire
all we must do is speak it
and watch the movement of your consciousness
begin to bring about
a place where your doubts
in to the ether

speak the word

© 16 March 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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