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Thursday, March 28, 2013

13 Times

13 Times

13 times she attempted
to end it all
and 13 times no one paid real attention
not to mention
the aft counseling
did not touch her
where she needed it

instead they gave her scripts
so they would not have to touch
their own reality
nor acknowledge
their own frailties

another shit filled experience
she was left to endure
alone in so many ways
and for sure
# 14 is on it’s way

her days were dark
she hated the fucking park
where the “happy” children played
and chased those shitting pigeons

she wished she could fly
so she could shit
on the whole world
that had defecated on her dreams
right from the very beginning

they always told her
she was sinning
and would be dammed . . .
damn they were right
for she is damned
every damn day
and every damned night

all she wanted to do
was meet God
and ask a few questions

was that too much to ask ?

Jesus or Buddha would do
even you
if you have the time

but time hurts
and lasts far too long
for the Bird that can not sing
it’s song

she never did fit in to
any fucking thing
nor did she want to
for she was a very special Blue
she was an Indigo Child
cast to the wild
to fend for herself

she no longer bothered
defending herself
nor her esteem
nor her dreams
from all those assholes
she encountered
were busy
and adorned
with their plastic emotions

so she stopped dreaming

no, she did not bother to cajole them
with her reason
for season in
season out
they could not console her
nor abate her pain
the just could not understand
they had false hearts

she knew she did not belong here
someone made a mistake
she must have got on the wrong bus
the “In God We Trust” one

so in her circumspect conclusion
she had to escape this illusion
for she refused to delude herself
that people truly cared

and the only alternative she had left
was to count

13 times . . . .14

© 13 March 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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