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Thursday, March 28, 2013

in the silence

in the silence

in a solitary soliloquist seat of self silence
a new dawn of creation’s magic
comes to greet me
bearing gifts of a vaguely remembered consciousness
that was beyond a beauty of words

we sit and we listen
in our own entombed solitude
where there is no predominating presence
of anything that resembles
this world about us

there are commentaries dancing
offering insights for attention
and the lights of awareness
takes on an embryonic glow
for it is constant blooming
flashes of brilliance
that blinds the eyes we have thus before celebrated
to manifest a singularity
of our being-ness
which exudes now
an indescribable peace

the absence of time
is of no consequence
and the awareness of all devices of measurement
are no longer heard
nor can they be touched
even if i did have the proclivity
to do so

my fingers have expanded
and i am embracing
worlds heretofore
yet to be created
and i am at this moment
in the eternal moment
where i am the chaos
that spawns new beginnings

my form has dissipated
to become a translucent cloud
and we dance as one
in the heavens of all things
the higher expressiveness
of a Self that used to be

there is nothing to hold to
for definitions
like limits
are all nonexistent

i think i hear a music
i think i am dancing
but it is naught
yet all
of a quixotic conscious experience
of what i have come to be
and now what i realize
that i have always been
the reconciliation
of self
and the silly delusions
i clung to
that i may be defined
as something

we are something  . . . are we not
or are we everything
there could possibly be
seen . . . and unseen
known . . . an unknown

we are the seeds
we are the Bud, the Blossom, the Fruit
we are the product of the Vine
we are the Vine Keepers
that spawn from the
rich soils of creation
where the divine root resides

in the silence

© 26 March 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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