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Thursday, March 28, 2013

once again

once again

once again
in the Garden
pondering the outcome
of the Fruit i now contemplate eating

i will not be cajoled by the direction without
to take that bite,
for now i know better

i stand here at the Head Waters
where the 4 Spirits meet
to conspire to feed my Soul
with a goodness we label

it is only in the Silence
of my Garden
can i hear my Lorde approach
bringing Gifts of Love
that i may be forever
exuding bliss
in all of who i am
and what i should ever
choose to be
for i am His Son

the instructions of “The Way”
are inscribed upon my heart

i need no one to remind me of this
for the etchings
from His Holy Hand
forever glows
and becomes my consciousness
when i listen

Yonder in “My” Garden
are many Fruits
all of which i may eat
for this place was created
for the indulgence
of the Children

we shall dance and sing
with the Angels
bearing Life manifest
from spirit spoken
in each and every intonating
guttural utterance
for we are Co-Creators
made in the perfect Image
of that which brought us into being

now seeing this light of truth
i prostrate my self
before the Throne
The feet of he who “IS”
She who “IS”
has planted themselves
wherever i may be
for Creation is my home

i have no money
yet i feed
i drink the Milk of Babes
and sup the Honey
and i want for nothing

i leave impressions
in the illusion
that appear as more than what they are
and you can too
for “Will” was bequeathed to us all

listen to the call listen to the Footsteps
as they approacheth
Once Again

© 26 March 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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