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Thursday, June 28, 2012

without tears

without tears

skins and layers have encapsulated my memories
and i was peeling this onion
with a tearless disdain
refraining from an emotional investment
in this testament
to self

i wanted to see
if it was my fault
or the circumstance
afforded my path
yeah . . .  shit happens

they say that life is fair
i can buy that,
but sometimes
people need a break
for they, we
were not prepared
to travel this journey
without a map
so we are expected to get lost
at times
aren’t we

there have been many wrong turns
i think
but with perspective
i do have the choice
to look at them differently
don’t i ?

these supposed wrong turns
have brought me to this point
of reconciliation
hasn’t it
if i could but gather the lessons
and apply them forward

yeah, i am confessing
to some degree
that i need some help

perhaps a little Cosmic understanding
is now due
for me
for you
and the world

and now here i sit
peeling the onions
trying to get a peek
at what lies beneath the skin
what lies within

and i shall not shed a tear
i shall remain staunchly clear
embraced by resolve
to overcome the fears
that impeded me from doing this
so many time before
i do not wish to be blinded anymore
by my own bull shit
nor convenient delusions
we at times cosign
and label it as an illusion
created by others

this day i am confronting me
and i but want to see
who i truly am
if i can but finish
peeling this onion
without tears

© 28 June 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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