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Thursday, June 14, 2012

but the letting go

but the letting go

the perdulous children
were in need of a place
to rest their weary souls

the journey
from here to eternity
has been an arduous trek
and they have yet to arrive
in the “Now”

sunshine avoided their way
like a plague
for they have been ostracized
from the realm of men’s’ acceptance
for they dressed their countenance
with a different light

there was no aguish borne
that could embrace their convictions
they counted all things joy
and joy it was
for lessons
were littered every where
and they were the students
who have come to impart
to those who would listen
a means to pierce Illusion’s veil

the dichotomous aspects of existence
they knew all too well

for without Joy
what purpose would pain serve

it is through pain
that seeds may shed their hull
crest the furrow
and hopefully
some day bear
a fulfilling edible fruitful delicacy
that liberates man
from his self induced bondage
that which we all secretly vie for
have died for
so many times
over and over again

these children were the emissaries
of something beyond the absorption
of our reason

so we rejected the possibilities
that we not be disturbed

we would rather
be perturbed with them
for the shaking of the bridge
that connects us to something
beyond the grandness
of this mess
we have and choose
to endure
yet the door remains ajar
for in truth
it can not be closed
and the light remains vigilant
though we do not the same

there are names
etched upon the walls of our souls
that have not been spoken
since that Christed One
“parabalized” in code the wonder
that liberated us from the anchors
which keep us submerged
in the Sea of forgetfulness
as we slowly drown

we claim we want to swim
and thus fly
remembering such things
as wings
we once adorned
so many aeons ago

can you feel the wisping ghosts
who whisper in your ear
telling through your verse
that they still live
to but liberate you
from your self enslavement
i do

the Flowers and Butterflies
are but deliberate metaphors
that are strategically placed
in your journey
as are smiles

they are placed to perhaps
provide a spark
that may ignite
that torch you carry
inscribed with a
“woe is me” credo
you have ascribed to
without question

but what is the question
you would pose to God ?
another “Why”
and i ask why

why do we ask of things
for which we are the answer
the power
to alter
the way we should go
let us not falter
any longer
let us remember
that we are the children
of the Source Prime
and that which has abandoned us
was never really worth having

and if we are the children
who have been cast away
from a formed  world
of a dumbed down
numbed down
dense expression of life
we should as James did speak
count it all joy
for there is nothing for us to deploy here
but the letting go

© 14 June 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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