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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Blessed Be

Blessed Be

wherever you are
whatever House you dwell
make that your Home

Build not your house upon a foundation of indifference, prejudice nor bias, for all the hinges to the doors of your heart shall rust and seize, and no one may visit and you will become the prisoner of your own shortcomings.

Vacate the thought and cast to the fire the word “Hate”, for its very presence in you abode bears a spiritual energy that taints and soils all good thoughts and things with an antithesis of goodness we at times will stumble upon.

Be “High Minded”! Open the blinds to all the windows of your Soul that light may enter and that you may see out and take in the grandeur of creation. Look Out . . . Look Up.

The Universe as we see it is but a reflection of the Divine, and we are an integral part of its Cosmic Fabric. Express, Speak, Think Goodness always and Goodness will “BE” a committed Friend to your Life Path.

When Darkness approaches, show it your Light and it shall flee and become but a mere shadow of it’s former self being reduced to a faint etheric memory, yet an affirmation of your greater self. Look to the Light and shadows will be always be behind you.

We Are Divine
believe it
embrace it
think it
speak it
“BE” it
and others about you will enjoin you with a grace of their own that is commensurate with such.

Consider the Blessed Gift of Breath . . . we give . . . we take, for it is Life.

We are created and we are Creators. Thus is the Perfect design. Honor this symbiotic dichotomy with your consciousness and consciousness will honor you.

finally . . .

Let us no longer seek nor strive to define such things as God or Love. Practice a “letting”  . . . “ALLOW” the magnanimity of God / Source and Love to define us.

Think Goodness always

Blessed Be


it is impossible for a Heart that is filled with love to employ the lips to speak of such things as Hate and  Dispersion calling it forth into life, for they are of the same body and thus the same spirit.

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