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Thursday, June 14, 2012

as i am alone

as i am alone

looking for burdens
i walk the path not alone
to prove the reproof
of my back

give unto me my brother
your hand, your load
and hope will accompany
us to a certain victory
that has already been won

let us speak to the Day’s young morn
as the new Sun rises
to kiss our dew laden aspirations

let us break a Holy Bread
that has been prepared
with a yeast of promise

we shall turn the Stone over
that light may bathe
the underside of its hardened stature
and awaken the unseen
into a familiarity
that shant be forgotten
none too soon

with a smile painted
upon the face of our soul
we shall go forward
and give them to the world
as does the wishful sower
who plants a seed
in the garden this day
only to but sit and witness
a coming harvest

the day soon comes
when that of the vine
has been pressed
and we shall be drunken
as we sit at the table
of the holy offerings of Mother
with a reverent knowing

the children are dancing
as we the elders observe
with a patient tolerable embrace
the blossoming of their hearts

let us not harness their wonder
let us cast expectations to the side
for they serve only to restrain
what may come to be

let us join hands
for the two of us
be joined in a 3rd
and this bond
is not easily broken
as  am i . . . not alone

© 14 June 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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