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Monday, June 18, 2012

when the lights went out

when the lights went out

the Government of the People
employing Fear Factor Tactics
it’s a trip
sounds like a script
from Hollywood
no good can come of it

the people seem like
they are no longer equipped
to think for them selves

Fox news
with askew skewed views
feeding the sheep
the peeps
what they wish for us to eat
but are you really trying
vying to satisfy your hunger
by eating this shit

ain’t no news like old news
and still we do not acknowledge
that we have the power
to choose

what is your choice
where the hell is your voice
you are in a foreign wilderness you know

do cry out
at some decibel above silence
for the violence
we accept
will deceptively
be turned upon us

our souls
that make holes
in our hearts
that we may bleed
the infectious poisons
of the noise and
the bullshit
we did not comment on

is this to be our way

the movie was called
Silence of the Lambs,
dr. lecter
was lecturing you
but we slept through it
while watching
the view
and Oprah
no Ma
i ain’t asleep

liar, liar
pants on fire

the sires of our world
have herald in a new

fukk your demanding
for justice
for just us
the people suffer the regime’s greed
to hell with your need
for a bit of humanity
that’s your problem
and perhaps our vanity
to think that they care

where were you
when the lights went out

© 15 July 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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