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Saturday, April 7, 2012

who am i

who am i

who am i
that life would deem me worthy
worthy of persecution
and crucify me

who am i
that my own brothers
should turn their face from me
deny me
and fear to look upon my brightness

who am i

that men should forever keep
my name upon their lips
speaking undue praises
or dispersions

who am i
that life offers unto my soul
no assistance
that i may find my own way
by way of my own inner light

who am i
that my eye
see but transient evil
as it comes to discern
the Holy in all things

who am i
that the essence of life
the breath of the divine
be mine to enjoy
all the days
of my journey here

who am i

that this Cosmic Symphony
plays privately
for me
for you
to enhance the consciousness
of our hearts
and give unto us song
that we may dance

who am i
that the children
indulge me
with their innocence
their smiles
and their trust

who am i
i that dreams freely
as i choose
as i walk the path
of my own visions
and my own righteousness

who am i
that comes to know
this ever expanding realm
of the possibilities
of what “Love Is”
and can do,
that love that embraces me
feeds and nourishes me
with a certain sovereign goodness
that i may taste
the sweet fruits
of life’s daily harvests

who am i
who am i
that you would consider
the “i” in me
in thee

who am i

© Easter Week 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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