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Saturday, April 7, 2012

and the parade begins

and the parade begins

run feet run ...

in travail
on every other corner
in the cities
and every steeple
that could be found
pities abound
solemn huh Ma ?

people kneeling
before altars
paying reverent obeisance
in the shadows of crosses
tears flowing . . .
i think

prayers and praises being
all touting
that phrase
“in remembrance of me”
see Ma . . . i told you
it is time

man finally facing a light
perhaps reckoning
offering sacrifices . . .
what is the meaning
to their hearts ?
i wonder

i ask . . .
will they suffice
once a year . . .
even twice
or thrice
still yet denied
could they be lying
while lying those burdens down
only to pick up
where they left off ?

no wonder the tears
queer huh ?

Holy week
a whole week
of torture
carrying crosses
on display
making sure all can see
their burdens on display

is this
for the strong
or the weak ?
i surmise . . .
with eyes closed

another convenient fairy tale ?
or is this folklore
for the folk
who need it

is hunting for eggs i think
and that golden goose
they call Jesus
what’s the use i ask

me and the drunken ones
sip from our flask again
for the reflection of men
i see
when i look at me
looks good
in a quixotic concussive manner

from this point of inebriation
the psychedelic situational deliberation
it is tolerable now

defibrillate that heart

but tomorrow
when the celebratory times cease
will i again find peace
in the doctrines of my delusional embraces
those jaded systems
of justifications ?

WORD . . .

i shake my head
cause i know
that God knows
who i am
but i don’t like it,
Him seeing me like this

just like i don’t like those assholes
that compel me to remember
to turn the other cheek

yeah, turn the other cheek
so they can kiss my . . .

so goes the story
our paths to the glory
carrying burdens of guilt
while our inner lights wilt
before the throne

can you spell “F-O-R-G-I-V-E-N-E-S-S” ?


i should have known you’d see
that when this time of year comes
we all too soon forget
what ills we have let
and still yet
will seek
when this week is over
and out

perhaps that is the blessing
the brevity of man’s confessing
sins ?. . .  hah . . . amen

and the parade begins
it’s Easter again

© Easter 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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