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Friday, April 6, 2012

again . . . i’ve been here before

again . . . i’ve been here before

in my Father’s house
there are many mansions
each one has one
won’t you open the door
and invite me in

let us sit by the fire
and commune with the presence
do not you and i make 3?

you see, the words not heard
seemingly matter not
for we have heard them before
we just somehow forgot
that our songs
are the Holy Grail of truth

let us sup some wine
and inebriate ourselves
and become drunken with love

and barriers of confusions
which manifest contusions
of our spirit
will chaff and fall away
and then perhaps
we will re-experience
the rippling
and co-centricities
in our little ponds
of perception

in a while all vile things
will be remembered no more
and i will offer you my cheek
for a kiss
and my hand
that i may grasp yours
and draw you to “Self”
for that sweet brotherly embrace
found in union

we will lose ourselves
in the dance of pixies
of muses
of butterflies and angels
and Father will smile
within the abode
of our hearts

what say you
may i visit my goodness
upon the threshold
of thine own

i am disrobing myself
that i may stand true
stand naked
and in the way of light
at the Altar of Creation

won’t you allow me in
that we may sit and commune
i with thee
with i
again ?

i am no stranger
i have been here before

© 1 April 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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