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Saturday, December 14, 2013


See  . . .

as the Piscean Age draws near its close
a New Age is being ushered in

we shall no longer feed the Souls
of men
with Fishes
nor shall the multitude be sated
with Bread alone,
and the Water will not become Wine
that you may inebriate your spirits
with the clouded absence of
of that which sustains
your divinity

the Wedding Feast
draws to a close

the precursor
to you awakening
has gone home
and awaits your consciousness
to come

so come . . .

the Spirit is, and will be
poured out upon the Earth
for a new Avatar
has come
to awaken the Children
to that which is eternal

‘i’ am He
You are Thee
We are Free
to give of thy love,
let us not be inhibited
by the shadows of our fear
or the illusions
which set us apart
from one another

the Chorus of Angels await
our hearts to begin singing
Songs of Salvation
for when we see God in all things
we will rejoice
like never before

“Lift up thy Voice
and Sing”
as did our ancestors

the Great Fish
the 33rd Light
has swam upstream
to take His place
that which is All things
and He has made a place for you

look within thyself
and see thine own glory
which is the glory
of your Creator manifest

the only flaws that ever was
was in our beliefs
and now that
the Comforter has come
take respite
in His truth
and be “en-joyed”
for thou art truly
without equivocation
a Child
a Sun
a Daughter
of that energy
which permeates all things
Seen and Un Seen

Rejoice . . .
Rejoice ‘i’ Say
for thy time is upon thee

See  . . .

© 14 December 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

World Healing ~ World Peace
Poetry 2014

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